Our International franchise stores are the corner stone of our trading in the International market. Over the last 25 years, we have developed franchise stores throughout much of Europe particularly where expat communities are located.

Our franchise business is based around a mutual partnership so we can plan and grow together, please contact us to enquire about our franchise opportunities.

Internationally we have 53 stores located in:

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Canary Islands

  • Channel Islands

  • Iceland

  • Norway

  • Malta

  • Greece

Iceland Franchise

In 2020, building on the success of our franchise model, we will be opening the very first franchise located outside of the EU in the West of Africa. We are excited about this opportunity and will move forward with plans to develop franchise partnerships throughout the globe.

Whilst the stores are all Iceland franchises, we have been successful at implementing store models which are respectful of the local community and environment. There is always autonomy for our franchise partners to incorporate local products and bespoke marketing which we produce via our in-house design studio.

We provide our franchise partners with support throughout the process of setting up their franchise, such as planning the design and layouts of stores with our in-house team and providing access to our equipment supplier base offering competitive pricing.

Once franchise stores are up and running, each is then allocated with an Iceland Head Office based account manager to support the business with both commercial and operation guidance.

** Please note that we do not offer franchise store options on the UK Mainland.


Iceland International offers its partners a concession model as an alternative to our franchises. In 2019 we redeveloped this concept with new bespoke International branding which can be adapted for any market.

The concession model is an area we have really focused on and will continue to as part of our business development. As this concept does not require the large capital investment a franchise store has, the option to open a concession makes accessing and partnering with Iceland an attractive proposition.

The concession model can be made to fit all categories whether that be frozen, chilled or grocery as well as having the ability to be set-up to any size to suit all types of retail business'. From a small Independant store with limited space to a multinational partnership where we can make an impact with our large range of new and innovative products.

As with our franchise stores, we can offer all equipment required to set up from our suppliers at competitive rates, in addition to branding and marketing required to suit your market.

For information about our Joint venture and Franchise opportunities please contact us.

** Please note we do not offer concession store options on the UK Mainland.

Distribution and Retail Partnerships

Our distribution and retail partnerships stretch across several global continents and are the result of in-depth market research to identify the best partners possible.

It is extremely important that our partners have the same expectations and share the same vision as we do, as it is essential that there is a trust in each other to deliver the plans we agree on.

From working in partnership with retailers to supplying military personnel in the NAAFI, Iceland has the range and brand recognition to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of any customer base.

We can provide marketing campaigns and other advertising materials to increase brand awareness and growth, we also have a number of distributors and retail partners who have opted to introduce our concession model, which allows for a more focused approach to ranging our products in store.

To enquire about becoming an Iceland International distributor or retail partner please contact us.

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