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Freezing also allows you to enjoy your favourite vegetables whatever the season!

Our nutritious range of frozen vegetables are made using the finest raw materials and frozen at source soon after harvesting.

We've every type of frozen vegetable you could want to keep in your freezer, from our Freshly Frozen Mini Corn Cobs and Baby Carrots to Ready to Cook Diced Onions and Quick Cook Sliced Mixed Peppers.

Our AA grade peas are frozen within just 2½ hours of being picked! This locks in all the nutrients, so they are packed with goodness and bursting with flavour.

There's nothing added to any of our freshly frozen veg: no salt, sugar or water and certainly no other additives or preservatives. There's no chopping and no peeling saving you time and meaning less waste! To view our range of frozen vegetables click here.

AA Grade quality peas

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