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Frozen Desserts

Iceland desserts are produced with quality ingredients which are then quickly frozen to ensure the quality is maintained when they are defrosted.

We've got temptingly delicious desserts such as our Strawberry Cheesecake topped with real whole strawberries or our 6 Chocolate Éclairs topped with real Belgian chococlate. If you have unexpected guests arrive then Iceland's Quick Defrost range of desserts are perfect as they're ready from the freezer in just 15 minutes.

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Ice Cream

Our cool and refreshing range of ice creams and lollies are the perfect freezer fillers. There's something to please the whole family - from our out of this world Rocket Lollies to our scrumptious Strawberry and Vanilla Cones.

If you're a chocolate lover our 4 Belgian Chocolate Majestics are fantastic value and have "great contrasting textures of crisp chocolate and thick, creamy ice cream" according to Good Housekeeping.

For a more traditional taste there's our new range of Grycan ice cream; this exclusive range is made to traditional recipes by a family-run business, all using only natural ingredients.

We guarantee you've never tasted real ice cream like this!

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Belgian Chocolate Majestics

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