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Iceland International is the global arm of Iceland Foods.

There are currently 34 Iceland franchise stores operating in markets including Spain, Portugal, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and even Libya.

Whilst every store follows the Iceland values, principles and standards of the UK business, Iceland International recognise that every market is different and as such allow a degree of flexibility on range and layouts to meet the needs of each particular trading environment.

We work closely with all of our franchise partners and can advise on all aspects of setting up the store. We offer on-going support to ensure sales are maximised and standards are maintained which is clearly key in today’s tough food retail environment.

Spain store


Iceland International in Spain

Working in partnership with Overseas Supermarkets, the Iceland franchise stores have been a great success with locals and ex-pats alike. We have 16 stores located throughout Spain, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Portugal that have been trading for nearly 20 years.

Isle of Man store

Isle of Man

Iceland International in Isle of Man

Our franchise partner in the Isle of Man is 'Shoprite' who have been trading with Iceland on the island for over 15 years. Shoprite Group currently range Iceland frozen and chilled products within their Island wide 'Shoprite' stores.

Iceland store


Iceland International in Iceland

Iceland currently operate 3 Iceland franchise stores in the Reykjavik area. These stores sell a significant range of Iceland own label frozen products, key British grocery brands and a large range of locally sourced products.

Iceland frozen products also occupy space within the convenience chain 10-11 who operate 27 stores across Iceland.

Channel Islands store

Channel Islands

Iceland International in Channel Islands

The Iceland Channel Islands franchise stores are operated in partnership with Sandpiper Cl. Our 8 Channel Islands stores have been trading successfully now for over 15 years, consisting of 5 stores in Jersey and 3 stores in Guernsey.

Ireland store


Iceland International in Ireland

Iceland Ireland currently have 8 stores with plans to open 50 plus stores over the next 5 years. We offer our extensive range of frozen food, focusing on the best quality at unbeatable prices, supported by an extensive range of branded grocery and a wide selection of chilled and fresh products.

Czech store


Iceland International in Czech

Iceland have over the last few years entered the eastern European market in the Czech. Iceland International have opened 6 stores in Czech, an area we see as a great opportunity to grow. Although these stores are operated by Iceland International and not in a conjunction with a franchise partner, it demonstrates our ability to enter a new market and tailor our offering to suit local needs.

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